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Aris Knikker  1887 – 1962

Aris Knikker received his education at the Academy in The Hague and continued to live in that city for almost his entire life. Initially he was a plateel painter, then he went on to the free, unattached painting. His preference lay in landscapes, farmyards, water views and views in the style of the Hague School. Aris Knikker has become a famous artist from The Hague, among other things because of his very strong atmospheric drawing, which is very similar to the work of J.H. Weissenbruch. Much of the earlier work of Aris Knikker was forged into work by J.H. Weissenbruch. Aris Knikker, like Jan Knikker Jr. and Sr., often used the pseudonym H. Endlich.

60 x 80  (incl frame)