General terms


Each artwork contains a certificate of authenticity.

Purpose and enforceable law and legal definitions
Order and Acceptance
Sale price , terms of payment and delivery
Right of withdrawal
Statutory guarantees
Data protection
Applicable law and jurisdiction

The purpose of the Holland-Art website is to present artworks and make it possible to buy them. These general terms and conditions of sale are meant to define the terms and conditions for the online sale. Also to define each party rights and obligations. The sales made through the site are contracted directly between Holland-Art and the buyer.

The unconditional acceptance of the entire general conditions of sale is mandatory to conclude the sale agreement, both by seller and buyer. The acceptance is confirmed by a box that needs to be checked once the buyer will place order online.

The artworks are offered for sale on the website. When an artwork is sold it is mentioned that the artwork is sold. Price for sale will be removed then by the seller. Each artwork offered comes with a short explanation.

To order an artwork the buyer needs to click and put the artwork in the shopping cart. Before validating the order the buyer needs to check the information appearing on the order summary or correct if some mistake is made. Delivery costs will be clearly mentioned depending on the country of deliverance.

The artwork sale price is listed on the site including local taxes ( BTW 21%) and excluding delivery costs and packaging. In Europe delivery costs and packaging fees are € 35 euro. Beware of extra taxes  in the country of deliverance outside Europe. The payment of the artwork price by the buyer to the seller is made via payment provider “Stichting Mollie”, acceptant is Tebaru BV.

The acceptant for Holland Art is Tebaru BV, Bosch en Duin. Transfer of ownership happens as soon the full price has been paid by the buyer. Failure to pay the full price automatically cancels the sale.

Delivery of the artwork is made at the address provided on the order summary. The buyer must inform him/herself about procedures and delivery schedules implemented by the various delivery service providers. The buyer must as soon as he receives the order check the condition of the artwork. When there is any reservation the buyer needs to report by email within 24 hours to Holland Art.

The buyer has a period of 14 days , from the day the buyer bought the artwork, to use his/her right of withdrawal. The buyer must confirm this by email and also mentioned the reason why. Holland Art reserves the right to decide at its sole discretion. Be aware that any reason concearning color for withdrawal will not be accepted. There will be always a possibility that the colors seen on your screen are different then in reality. Holland Art will only refund the price of sale and not delivery costs.
If a work is linked to an artist or is described as such and later it appears that it was not made by this artist ( forgery or mistake) then you can appeal to the quarantee scheme. Important that it must be made plausible by a statement from an expert / accredited valuator with regard to the purchased work. If thats the case Holland-art will refund 100% money back.

The returned artworks that are damaged or dirtied shall not be accepted nor refund, Holland-Art reserves the right tro decide at its sole discretion. The buyer needs to make sure that the artwork will be send to Holland-Art.

The seller commits to respect and implement the statutory guarantees of the buyer; the guarantee of non-compliance and the guarantee of hidden defects.

Holland Art reserves the right to retain certain data in order to justify, when necessary, the execution of their contractual or legal obligations. The stored data will be limited to what is strictly necessary fort he operation of the service. No data will be sold to thirth parties. Holland Art is committed to take all necessary measures to protect the confidentiality of the information provided by the buyer.

These general terms and conditions of sale are governed by Dutch law.
Any dispute concearning the validity, interpretation or execution of these general terms and conditions shall be brought before the Court in the Netherlands.

Privacy and cookie statement Holland-Art

This is the Privacy and Cookie Statement of Holland-art , registered in Bosch en Duin. Holland-art respects the privacy of all users of the site and ensure that the personal data that you provide to Holland-art is treated in confidence and with due care. In submitting your personal data at the website, you consent to the use of your data by Holland-art in compliance with this Privacy and Cookie Statement.

Personal data

We only use data provided explicitly and voluntarily by persons who visit our website. You can submit your personal data in order to request information or in order to buy products from Holland-art.

Holland-art records your data in order to execute your order. Holland-art may use your data to inform you. If you object to this or wish to correct or retrieve your data, you can contact us via Holland-art will not provide your data to third parties without your explicit prior consent unless we are required to do so by law or on the basis of a court decision.

On the website, you will find links to third party websites. Although these websites are selected with care, Holland-art bears no responsibility for the treatment of your personal data by such third parties. In that regard, read the privacy statement of the website that you visit.


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How to preserve your oil paintings?

The condition of your painting is very important. Take the proper steps to preserve your painting.
Any repair or restoration must be handled by a professional.

1 Keep your painting out of direct sunlight and heat.
2 Exposing your painting to heat could create blistering and cracking.
3 Normaly the painting is ok with environment we live in.
4 Dust your painting a few times a year
5 Keep moisture and humidity away
6 Humidity must be between 40%-60%
7 No exposure to UV lights
8 Use painting hooks to to secure your painting to the wall.
9 Make sure that the frame of the painting is not touching the wall
(there must be a free air flow behind your painting and the wall)